From Packaged Noodles to Affording the Real Thing

For college students, money is something that can be hard to come by at times. In my freshman year, I would save money by eating packaged noodles. I got tired of the taste after a while and had to spice it up by adding vegetables, eggs, and hot sauce. Now that I’m a junior, I’ve come up with a better way to handle my finances. I used an Ewen Chia review to learn about affiliate marketing, and made that my job. I worked on my own website and started to make money from it. Now I don’t even have to eat packaged noodles, because I make enough money for a real meal.

The years of eating those noodles has given me a bit of a preference for Asian cuisine, so I went to a noodle shop one day to get an authentic experience. I saw one of my classmates at the shop and started talking to him. I asked him how often he comes to the show and he told me that this was his first time and would probably be his last for a while because he didn’t have enough money to eat there on a regular basis. He was strapped for cash, like I used to be.

I told my classmate about how my situation used to be the same as his, and that I had a solution for him. I mentioned all of the affiliate marketing that I did and his eyebrows raised in interest. The same day, he went back to his dorm and made his own website. A few days later after class, we met at the same shop and he told me that he made a ton of money from the tips I gave him. I think we’ll be eating at the shop until our graduation day.

A Great Idea For A Blog Is No Longer Enough!

There are so many blogs or web-logs strewn across the internet these days, it can be extremely difficult to distinguish your blog from all the others.

When you are starting your blog, your ideas are key, you need to put your own unique stamp on your web-log. A run of the mill blog these days will just not cut it, you need to stand out from the crowd.

When you are researching your niche, try to look for a different angle.One that other Bloggers aren’t using. This could be the use of video as your blogging platform, or using audio as well as text.

Lets look at the weight loss niche for example. If your site contained some cool how-to videos on exercise, some audio interviews with some industry experts plus cool images, would your blog stand out from the normal text based sites. Yes it sure would.

If you can find a unique way to capture your audience and build a community, your visitors will keep coming back for more, time after time.This is just the beginning, once you establish yourself the work is just starting, but finding your place in the Blogosphere is a great place to start.

Discovering your niche can be challenging, there are so many different ways in which you can create your online presence.Here are some examples of what to blog about.

Branding Yourself:

Branding you as a person is already a unique way of creating your online space. There is only one you, so creating great content should not be to challenging. The way you portray yourself could captivate your readers.Think outside the box a little, you will come up with some killer content.

Sports Blogs:

Creating a website about a sport is an excellent way to get noticed. Lets take soccer for an example. Your site can give the results from certain games, with your unique take on the game. You could also broadcast the times, dates and what Television channel the match will be shown on.No more thinking up content, it’s there for the taking.

Travel Blogging:

Your off on your travels, taken a year out from college/university and you want to stay in touch with your friends and family. A blog can give you all this. You can post your images, your video, write articles about your experiences. Hand out your Url to all the people you meet along the way, hey you could even put some advertising on your blog and earn as you travel. How cool is that.

So finding your niche, and your unique way to get your message out into the Blog-o-sphere really doesn’t have to be that challenging. Think outside the box a little. Research, look at other peoples blogs for ideas, don’t steal them, but use them to your advantage.

Staying Honest About My Travels – Truth About Jamaica

On my recent visit to Jamaica, I got a chance to see a lot of great features of the island. However, I’m not new to the country, the culture, her people, and the lifestyle. My brother-in-law is Jamaican, one of my best friends from college is Jamaican, an ex-boyfriend is Jamaican, my sister got married in Jamaica, and I grew up in Brooklyn, which has a healthy Jamaican population. (It’s a top destination for yardies after they leave their country. I should know – my father is from Barbados.)

That being said, I want to be honest with you. Jamaica has never been on my top Caribbean destination lists but here they sit as winners of numerous awards from the 2011 World Travel Awards. And deservedly so, my recent press trip has raised my personal opinions about the country.

However, behind the glitz of the trip, there are some hard truths that I want families to know. Jamaica is a lively, energetic place but there is good and bad that goes with that. The good is that the dollar is strong there, so even if you’re on a budget, you can enjoy yourself and bring home a bottle of rum, and a souvenir or two. Islands like Aruba, Barbados, and The Cayman Islands present more of a spending challenge for the budget-minded traveling family. The other good about Jamaica is that you have your pick of the litter when it comes to places to stay, cuisine, and attractions.

The bad is that aside from the glamour of the island’s numerous attractions, if your eyes are open, you will see a lot of poverty. I’m not the biggest philanthropist but it was hard for me to fully enjoy a horseback ride through an impoverished mountain neighborhood short of a shanty town. Here, kids walked barefoot and many men appeared to be without jobs – this didn’t sit well with my mommy wanderlust. Another bad, albeit a minor one, is that you may get “hit on” more than you’re normally comfortable with – it doesn’t bother me but then again, this could be a cultural thing.

Because of my past travels and my background, I’m fairly familiar with Kingston, Jamaica. And let me tell you, if you’re traveling there, this is not a place to trifle with. It reminds me a lot like Brooklyn, and like Brooklyn, you need to know where to go and where not to go. It can be rough and I’ve heard several people speak of being robbed while over there. Our group didn’t tour Kingston and I was thankful. Although it is rich with history, energy, and culture, it’s not a top destination I would suggest for traveling families, especially if they don’t someone who’s from there.

For me, travel blogging isn’t always about painting a pretty picture. I take pride in telling families not only where to go but where not to go. As long as I know the deal, I like to maintain that balance as much as I can. It’s good to know a destination’s roses as well as its’ thorns so that your family can be fully prepared in travel cultivation.

Disclosure: My press trip, which included airfare, meals, transportation and accommodations, was sponsored by the Jamaica Tourist Board. Of course, I received no compensation for this article. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

A College Student’s Guide to Finding Cheap Flight Tickets

Whether you are flying back to your university or wish to visit your home country during the holidays, college kids need to get smart when it comes to purchasing air tickets.

Here is a simple guide you must consider, so as to find the best deals on your international travel:

Start Early

While you may have gotten away with doing your homework last minute, procrastinating while shopping for flight tickets can cost you a lot of money. Most airline companies will start increasing their prices about two weeks prior to the departure date. So if you plan on travelling during peak seasons especially, it is best to start early.

Another tip worth considering is the timing of your purchase. It is best to wait until 3 PM on a Tuesday, when there are maximum number of discounted seats available online.

Try to Be Flexible

Even though you may have a fixed college schedule to follow, being a little flexible with your travel dates can help you save tons of money. Try flying into the country a little before the major student crowd chooses to fly in or fly back well before Thanksgiving or Christmas, when most travellers around the world are vacationing or visiting family. Many airline companies tend to charge additional surcharges if you plan on flying a day before Thanksgiving or any other major festival in the country you are residing in.

Look up Regional Airports and Discounted Airline Carriers

A number of university towns in the UK, US and other parts of the world have international airports. Check if you have a flight or a connecting flight that takes you to a regional airport. Look for flights that are landing within a 90 mile radius to your destination. You can always find a university shuttle or a friend who would be happy to pick you up from the airport.

Opting for a discounted airline especially if you aren’t travelling for the first time is a great way to save tons of money on your flight.

Check with your University and Airline Company

It would be smart to check with the airline company if they are offering any special discounts for students. In addition to this, a number of universities also offer student support through their on-campus travel agencies. These agencies help students track discounts and deals on air tickets. You can visit your university website or the student affair office to acquire more information.

UNEMPLOYED? How to Get Educated, Travel the World AND Own Your Own Business in Less Than 2 Years

sounds too good to be true, right? Well it’s possible! Read on…

A few years ago I had a friend who was going through a really bad patch. He had just gone through a bad break up and had been unemployed for almost two years after losing his job when the company he worked for when bust during the recession.

He was feeling low and felt his prospects were limited; he was also annoyed and blamed his ex who he felt had held him back from accomplishing his dream of travelling around the world when they were together. He was convinced he would never get to do that now. Things were bleak for him and he felt there was nothing to look forward to, or work towards. I was worried about him so I came up with this plan to give him some HOPE.

He would return to education and start a career for himself in a profession where he would be his own boss, make his own rules and not allow himself to be tied down again AND he would travel to many of the places he dreamed about in the process.

My friend liked the idea of course but how was he going to afford to pay for his education and trip without a Job?

He wasn’t going to be paying for any of it out of his own pocket!!

The following is what I came up with…

DISCLAIMER: I understand what I’m going to suggest here may sound dishonest to some, it may sound like I’m suggesting people take advantage of the system and it may even tick a few people off, but none of it is illegal in any way here. I hope it will help someone who is in a similar situation to the one my friend was in, who done the following and went from feeling hopeless to getting his life back on track, getting himself off the dole and back to work after 2 years.

The following applies to my country, Ireland, but it may be possible to do it n your country also, there may be similar schemes, just look into it yourself.

Step 1
Start a blog; my friend obviously had a lot of time on his hands so I told him to sign up to word press and start a blog. He wasn’t pushed about this idea at first, whinging that he didn’t know what to write about or if he could even write anything interesting enough that people would want to read. I told him not to worry about that and I even loaned him the money it would cost to host his blog and told him to pay me back in the future when his business was doing good.

As his future business was going to be online, by starting a blog he would learn some technical skills like how to use and install WordPress, as well as the basic essentials of SEO and get some experience in writing. I knew he was capable of this.

Step 2
My friend liked the idea of the next step although he was a bit intimidated by the thoughts of it. He would return to Education. I suggested he sign up to a course in the local VEC.

As my friend was over 21 and was in receipt of unemployment benefit for over a year I knew he was eligible for VTOS (Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme) which is funded by the Department of Education and Science with assistance from the European Social Fund. The courses are full-time, approximately 30 hours per week (e.g. 6 hours a day for 5 days) and last for up to 2 years. There are no course fees. He would also receive a travel and meal allowance on top of his jobseeker benefit. Basically he would get paid to study!

Not only that but if he signed up for the second year on VTOS and graduated in the first year he would continue to receive the weekly payment into his bank account right through the 4 month break between semesters!

For his first year on VTOS, he done a journalism course which helped his writing skills and he was soon writing compelling blog posts. I knew it was in him as he’s a great aural story teller. Also, there was a course that laid the ground works for becoming a web designer and as I knew my friend had a passion for Art and was quite creative; I thought he would like it. He signed up for this course for his second term on VTOS. He signed up for the second term mid way through the first year and was accepted.

During the 4 months in between semesters my Friend travelled to Asia. He was receiving almost 250euro a week on the VTOS Scheme straight into his bank account which went a LONGGG way over there, especially as he doesn’t drink. The third step was just to get to Asia and write, write, write! Eventually he was writing around 1000 words a day about his adventures over there, and enjoying it, he even got some articles published. To pay for his flight over and back he sold some of his possessions, I told him he wasn’t going to need them soon anyway!

When you are on the VTOS scheme there is nothing stopping you leaving the country as long as you are back for the second term. It’s also OK to work part time if you can find work which doesn’t affect your payment. After hearing that I don’t know how any unemployed people her could sit on their arse and do nothing all day when they have this option.

On top of all that my friend met some really cool people in the college, including a new girlfriend!

Step 4
Complete the second term and I suggest volunteering in a company in an area that you plan to freelance in, you will get valuable experience.

In my friends case it was a web design company, he felt he learned even more from volunteering there than he had from the course, he even got offered a job but was so set on achieving his new goal of becoming a freelancing, web designing, Digital Nomad!!

If you’re interested in following this plan yourself, There’s a ton of courses available on VTOS, I suggest choosing something you have a interest or passion for such as photography or something that you may be able to make some good money by freelancing in as a Digital Nomad, for example there are web development courses, marketing courses and graphic design courses;


Its important to study hard and show up to college regularly, you need to pass everything to get into second year and remember that the VTOS course places are limited, there might be many people applying for the course you are on who will be let down because it was full – I repeat;


If you want to eventually become a Digital Nomad by the end of the two years you also might want to study up on anything to do with internet marketing, Web Design, Copywriting and all types of writing in your spare time especially if it’s not in the course you are doing.

Cheap Travel Vacation Ideas for College Student

College students don’t have lots of funds to spare and are seeking cheap vacation spots. It might seem hard to find cheap vacation ideas for college students, but with proper planning and research it can be done. There are numerous student discount schemes and travel packages that you just can avail to produce your vacation inexpensive. Since a big part of a vacation budget is spent on airline tickets and hotels, it is most effective to plan your trip in advance so that you can get one of the most discounts. One more great notion is to travel in big groups so that you can do group bookings for sight seeing and hotel plans. This sort of group booking can offer you one more discount of 15 to 25 percent. Picking the proper location to spend your vacation is of course probably the most significant part in case you are seeking cheap vacation ideas for college students. The following we will give you some inexpensive vacation ideas for college students.

Inexpensive Vacation Ideas for College Students

It is most effective for you to retain points in perspective whenever you are a college student. Yearning for your romantic trip to Paris or an extravagant vacation all over Europe is out of question. You need to find a location for vacation that’s not just cheap but also tourist friendly. Avoid places which will be teeming with tourists as the hotel costs will probably be incredibly high and not open for negotiation and discounts. You also must decide in case you would like to frolic on a beach with lots of sun and sand or would like to go hiking up the mountains and enjoy nature. Once you have got that settled, you are able to start picking the perfect vacation spot.

One on the most effective cheap vacation ideas for college students is to plan a trip to Mexico. Mexico can provide great value for funds and in case you shop around, you are able to get discounts in any mid amount hotel. Mexico also offers you a diversity and amount in terms of culture, meals and night life. Resort towns like Los Cabos, Riviera Nayarit, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta are great for rest and relaxation. The long Caribbean coast in Mexico is just ideal for you in case you are seeking to acquire tanned and enjoy delicious mojitos. Sailing, para gliding, wind surfing and kayaking are some of the adventure sports that you just can have a fill of whenever you are vacationing in Mexico. If water sports are not your thing, then you are able to soak up the culture of Mexico by visiting museums and local spots. Coral reefs, beautiful beaches, shopping malls and cosmopolitan hotels are some of the points that make Mexico 1 on the most effective cheap vacation ideas for students.

If all you would like is soak up some sun, then 1 on the most effective cheap vacation destinations for you is Florida. Beach resorts in Florida can arrive incredibly cheap whenever you stay there during the lean period. It is possible to visit the Universal Studios, take in a cruise on a Daytona beach and take in a trip to the Kennedy Space Center. You will discover also many museums and art galleries for people who would like to know about Florida’s rich art and culture. It is possible to even rent a houseboat and enjoy the sights of Sanibel and Captiva Islands just off the coast of Fort Meyers.

Boone, North Carolina
If you would like the quiet tranquility of a mountain town to recover in the hectic college life, then Boone in North Carolina is 1 on the most effective discount vacation ideas for college students. Boone has many great hotels and inns which are not just cheap but they also provide great meals and services. The primary attraction is of course to go on a hiking trail along the Grandfather mountain that also features an attractive mile high swinging bridge. You will discover also many other places that you just can visit like the nature museum, Altapas orchard and ride the historic Tweetsie train that’s at the state’s first theme park.

Las Vegas
I don’t know of any college student who doesn’t would like to go to Las Vegas. Whilst it is only worthwhile to go to Las Vegas whenever you are over 21, since that’s the legal gambling age, Las Vegas definitely has a lot additional to offer. It is possible to get many discounted hotel rates, in case you book well in advance and it’ll be a trip worth remembering for your life. It is possible to also get discounts in entertainment along with food. From high end shopping malls, night clubs, gourmet restaurants and performing arts venues, you can find lots of points that you just can visit and enjoy in Las Vegas. The biggest expenses for your trip to Las Vegas stands out as the lodging and food. In case you can get a great discounted price for it like a package deal or because of group booking, grab it quickly. Las Vegas is a dream destination for many college students and you will enjoy it incredibly much.

These had been some cheap vacation ideas for college students. In case you plan your vacation well in advance and do the necessary preparations and research, you are able to find budget vacation ideas right for you. There are numerous cheap vacation packages which are especially formulated for students and you ought to try to avail them.

Travel RVing – NCAA Football Tailgating – Giving It the Old College Try!

Travel RVing is way past ready – are you? College football season is here. Are you ready to experience the ultimate sports weekend? There can be no equal to tailgating at your favorite school’s game in an RV. Whatever your choice of RV – class A motorhome, travel trailer, 5th wheel, camper van, truck camper, teardrop trailer – you will be hosting an unforgettable event complete with all the modern conveniences. If you are a tailgater, you have surely noticed that tailgating events are becoming more organized and elaborate every year.

No doubt about it, tailgating has become an art form in its own right. It is as much an American pastime as the game that follows. In its essence, tailgating is all about entertainment, stuffed full of all the simple things in life – food, family, friends, fans, and fun.

Remember that tailgating parking spaces are not all created equal. Get there early for the best seat in the house. Heck, if the college allows it, get there a couple of days early. You won’t be the only ones. This is one of the reasons why RVers have fallen so in love with the college football experience vs. the pro game. College tailgating starts earlier, lasts longer, and ends later than pro tailgating.

You absolutely MUST decorate your RV suitably for the occasion. Bring banners, flags, balloons and run them all around your RV. After all, you don’t want there to be any doubt about who you’re rootin’ for! And decorate your body accordingly. Paint your face, wear outlandish team colors. Go a little crazy with school spirit. This is your tailgating extravaganza, so have it your way.

Food. Huge subject. The assortment found at tailgate events will be taste-bud boggling. You will usually find lots of regional foods at college tailgating parties. The grill (or smoker) is commonly the cooking equipment of choice. Variety is the key to success after heating up the grill. But, remember, you have an RV. You can use your RV galley to prepare some of the food, warm it in the microwave, and enjoy it outside in the parking lot. Tables should be filled with the 5 main food groups of tailgating fare. Grilled meats (from every animal, bird, and fish known to man), chips and dips, crock pot surprises, deep fried everythings, and liquid libations.

While the food is cooking, have some games and entertainment available to get everyone psyched up for the game. Toss around a football, make up new cheers for your team, play washer toss games. Bring along music and listen to inspiring songs like We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions by Queen. Music has a powerful effect on the body and the mind and evokes an emotional response from us within seconds.

Travel RVing urges you to get your RV in gear and go out and support your team. You will never regret it, always remember it, and probably be hooked for life. College football tailgating is addictive. You’ll see…

Live your RVing lifestyle to the fullest!

4 Tips to Make Money Online to Fund Your College Studies

Most students will try to get student loan or scholarship to fund their college study. But, not all students will be successfully approved with the money that is required to fund their study. Even though they get one, the money might not be enough to cover all costs that include tuition fee, living expenses, book & reference and other necessary expenses. Either they get the balance from their parents or they need to find ways to get the money to fund their college study.

The internet has been a place used by many people to earn money either part-time of full-time. The best part of making money online from internet is it can be done asynchronous with other jobs or tasks, and it can be put into autopilot to continue generate income in 24×7 and 365 days. So, if you are looking for money to fund your college study, internet may be a good place to make money online to serve the purpose. Here are 5 tips to make money online which you can use to fund your college study.

1. Set Up Money-Generating Blogs

A blog is a platform for sharing almost anything in internet world. Nowadays, many students have their own blog to share their stuffs with other internet surfers who have the same interest. However, most of those blogs are made solely for sharing purpose without generating any profit. Do you know that you can generate some good money from blogs? If you are looking for potential income to fund your college study, then blogging is one of simplest ways to make money online.

There are a few ways to make money from blogs; the simplest way is to integrate Ads from Google AdSense or Yahoo Publisher Network. What you need is to register a free account and add a simple code into your blog, the ads that are related to your blog content will appear at your blog within minutes. Anyone who visits your blog clicks on the ads, you earn the money. Besides that, you can also find related affiliate products to be promoted at your blog and earn commission on each successfully sale.

2. Set Up An eBay Online Store

Nowadays, people sell almost anything at eBay. It is one of most successful consumer business network that enables people to set up a home based business and make money from their comfort home. If you know how to utilize eBay to generate money, then you won’t need to worry about where to get the money to fund your college study.

Don’t have products to sell at your eBay store? Don’t worry, there is a business channel called drop-shipping where you can find products to be sold at your eBay store. If there are orders, you just need to forward the orders to a drop-shipping company. The company will process the order and delivery the product to your customer on your behalf. You make the profit from the price different between your selling price at eBay and the selling price set by dropshipper.

3. Get Online Survey Jobs

If you do not want to set up a blog or an eBay store, then joining online survey networks can be a good option to make money that is required to fund your college study. There are many companies looking for consumers to review their products or services; they are willing to pay you if you can spend time to fill-up their online survey forms. So, get your opinions paid by taking the online survey jobs.

4. Earn Money By Writing Articles

If you are a student, then writing articles should not be a problem to you. Unless you really hate writing, you can earn money by writing articles on your favor topics and submit them to article directories that pay you if your articles are included into their library. One of the famous websites that pay their authors on every article that is included into their library is “Associated Content”. Other than text articles, the website also accept videos, audios and images. You don’t need to be the best author to write articles, as long as you follow the guidelines set by the article directories, your articles can be easily approved and be included into their library, and you get paid for your efforts of writing.

Travel Ideas For College Students – Ways to Travel Far and Save Big

Summer travel ideas for college students around the world are endless and are as varied as the people who come up with them. However 99% of college students who come up with summer travel ideas have the same goal in mind. They all want to go have fun at a far off destination but, at the same time they want to save a lot of money because most students live pay check to pay check if they are lucky enough to have a job. Now when summer comes around they want a chance to go off and relax with their friends but without money what is a college student to do?

Steps to Saving Money on a Trip-Summer Travel Ideas for College Students

Drive instead of fly- It may be fun to take a plane with your friends across the country but flying costs several hundred dollars per person as well as the cost of renting a car once you get to your destination. Now between you and your friends there is a good chance you can find someone with an SUV or a min van in the family that you can borrow and after you split the cost of gas and food you will be able to travel very cheap. There is the old saying that says getting there is half the fun. Well when you are with friends singing along to a song or just driving down the road cracking jokes this saying really is true.

Choose a less popular destination- Heading to Destin or going to New York is a blast. The problem is that high tourist areas like these have higher prices and will cost you more fro everything from gasoline to food to hotels and everything else that you spend money on during your trip. Pick a destination that is not as popular. For example pick a more remote beach or a smaller city. Yes there may not be everything there that the larger places have but you will get a lot more bang for your buck traveling to a smaller place.

Cook instead of eating out- When you cook a meal for everyone it is much cheaper than going to a restaurant because each meal you eat out will cost you at least $10 per person while you can cook a full lasagna for example for $10. However that will feed 6 people so, over even just a few days it can save you a lot of money

Online income source- There are many summer travel ideas for college students that save money but, you do have to have some money to be able to travel. An online source of income such as article marketing that is simple and takes little time is a great way to start saving up some cash for the next awesome trip to come.

Article Source:

The Difference Between Diaries, Journals & Blogs

The words diary, journal and blog are terms often used interchangeably to mean the same thing. Most people associate a diary with a special book that is closed with a padlock to keep your thoughts and feelings private. Journals are recorded entries that are often not as private, although you may choose to keep it so. A blog is often used to publicly share your thoughts on specific topics. Blogs have become so popular that even companies are using them to update people on changes in their industry or in their company. However, each is different and unique in its own right and they can be put to different uses. You may even choose to use one, two or all three.

A diary is often the most personal of the three. They are often arranged by date and have space for you to write what has happened over the course of the day. Many diarists often think of their diaries as a special friend that they can confide to. For example, Anne Frank named her diary “Kitty.” She begins her entries with “Dear Kitty” so it as though she is writing to a dear friend that she can tell all of her secrets to. The naming of a diary has a unique psychological effect as it gives the writer a feeling of someone listening to his or her inner secrets and feelings.

The word diary itself is for the Latin word diarium or “daily allowance.” A diary tends to be more focused on daily thoughts and events, while a journal can be written sporadically. The “page a day” diary is popular amongst young girls and are often given as gifts. However, the diary goes back hundreds of years and one of the first most popular diaries belonged to Samuel Pepys. Pepys is known for making the diary more personal, while it had been more of a business notation in the past. Several books have been published from diaries as well. It is these diaries that have given us great insight and knowledge into history from all parts of the world.

A journal is a diary in a sense. It can be used to document life events like a diary, but it is not necessarily a daily activity. There are also several different types of journals that a person may keep. There are travel journals to document your various travels across your state, country or the world. There are workout journals that help to keep track of the type of workout you do and make comments on it.

Journals have also become popular in schools. Teachers often give students a writing prompt to get them started in their journal writing. Each week the students may write from the prompt and then share the journal with their teacher. These are excellent because they get children to think creatively and to learn to put their thoughts and feelings down on paper. This is an important step in teaching children to express themselves and communicate effectively through the written word.

A blog is another form of diary or journal, but it is one that is digital and on the Internet. These are often referred to as online diaries/journals or personal blogs. They may document your day-to-day experiences or even social commentary. Many people use personal blogs as a way to keep in touch with friends and family, as well as to share with them their thoughts and feelings on certain subjects. You may choose to keep your blog personal or to share it with the world. By sharing it with the public, you can open the blog up to personal comments from those who view and read the blog. This is unique to the blog and many personal opinions are common throughout the world of blogging, some are kind and others may be quite blunt.

One of the first online diaries or blogs was Claudio Pinhaneza’s “Open Diary.” This was the first web site that was published in a diary format on a web page. This site was published in 1996 by the MIT Media Lab. Since, there were several different online diaries that popped up and now the web is full of them. There have also been several websites open up since then to allow people to have their own online journals and diaries. They are especially popular with teenagers and college students.

The blog has also changed the world in terms of marketing. In 2006, Entrepreneur magazine listed it as one of the top marketing tools of the year that can get your website noticed. Website promotion is a common hurdle in marketing an online business and because blogs are easy to set-up and use, they have become a popular way of sharing information and news with the online community.

Increase Your Chances of Professional Success; Study at A Good College for Engineering

So, you are in the last year of your high school? In a few days you will be graduating and you will need to start preparing for college. In case, you have not yet thought about which field of study you want to pursue in college, now would be a good time to start. In case you are good in Mathematics and Sciences, think about enrolling in an Electrical Engineering programme.

It is a must that you do not enroll in any programme without having a clear idea about the subject matter and what it entails. Take a look at the following factors to get a clear idea about Electrical Engineering and what it takes to pursue this field of study.

What is Electrical Engineering?

Electrical Engineering is the field of study that deals with electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. Electrical Engineers innovate, design, install and maintain various types of electrical and electronic devices and systems. Electrical Engineering is at the very center of all technological advancements of modern times. Almost all industries, starting from agriculture to medicine, communication to transportation, construction to computers and robotics to space travel, are heavily dependent on the innovations of Electrical Engineering. Thus, Electrical Engineering studies can open up varied opportunities for an aspirant.

Electrical Engineering offers you flexibility and choice

There are many subfields of Electrical Engineering. Many of these subfields are considered to be independent disciplines in their own right. Constant researches are being conducted in various spheres of Electrical Engineering. New innovations and findings make this field a very progressive one. Many of these subfields overlap each other. Students can pursue further studies in any of these subfields after graduating from noteworthy Electrical Engineering schools.

Most popular subfields of Electrical Engineering are:

Power Electronics
Control Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Signal Processing
Telecommunications Engineering
Instrumentation Engineering
Computer Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Mechatronics and Systems Control
Electromagnetics and RF microwave

Is Electrical Engineering for you?

Aspirants of Electrical Engineering must ideally start preparing for the course, long before they apply to colleges for Engineering. Ideally, you should start your preparation while you are still in high school. You need to score well in Mathematics and Sciences. Try to hone your analytical skills. If you take up designing or programming classes that would be an added advantage.

As a student of Electrical Engineering, you must be inquisitive. You must question what other people don’t. Try to understand actual on-the-field problems and solve them with your technical knowledge. If you like taking electronic devices apart just to see how they work and you often think how you can make them better, it is an affinity that will come in handy when you are conducting experiments in the laboratory.

Electrical Engineering students are also required to work in groups, especially in research or internship programmes. So work on your adjustment skills and try to share responsibilities and credit for assignments. Note that Electrical Engineering is, in no way, an easy field of study. You will be required to put in a lot of hard work. Even though Electrical Engineering studies may seem tiring at times, it is only through perseverance that you can hope to succeed in this field.